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Steep, stylish, Styria

For 200 years the Wohlmuth family is engaged in viticulture at the foot of the Kitzecker Berge. As of today, Gerhard and Gerhard Wohlmuth jun. run the winegrowing estate with the active support of the remaining family.

Weingut Wohlmuth
Weingut Wohlmuth
Weingut Wohlmuth

As Austria's southernmost wine region, Southern Styria is the only one under influence of the Illyrian climate. The interplay of warm air from the Mediterranean Sea and the cool winds from the nearby Alps causes significant differences between day and night temperatures and this is specifically crucial for the complex fruit expression of the Southern Styrian wines. The microclimate of the vineyards of the Wohlmuth family is due to the high altitude (up to 600 metres above sea level) and the extremely steep slope orientation a very special one. The combination of the Palaeozoic shale bedrock and this unique terroir will facilitate grapevines with a distinctive and unique character. These conditions result in powerful wines with complex fruit expression, coupled with a cool minerality and tight structure.

The Wohlmuth family owns in Neckenmarkt in the Mittelburgenland some of Austria's best individual vineyards, including the Hochberg and Rabenkropf sites as cream of the crop. The Rabenkropf provides ideal conditions to make Blaufränkisch wines, convincing in minerality and finesse. The wines of this particular vineyard require a long maturity period, meaning they usually are kept for over 2 years in the cellar before they are bottled. The Hochberg vineyard has its very own, original and cool stylistics of a Blaufränkisch. Grapevines grown from slate and limestone soils bring a concise minerality and finesse in the wines to the forefront. After a selective manual harvest, the grapes are de-stemmed and then fermented on the mash in traditional tank with overflow and open fermentation racks. All red wines will mature in oak barrels in order to perfect the tannins and the wines.