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Persuasive Palatinate

The wine-growing estate Ludwig & Thorsten Krieger in Rhodt unter Rietburg is family-owned since 1652. For generations the family is devoted to viticulture.

Weingut Thorsten Krieger
Weingut Thorsten Krieger

The vineyards are spread around the wine village Rhodt in the heart of the Southern Palatinate and encompass the appellations Rhodter Rosengarten, Rhodter Klosterpfad and Rhodter Schlossberg. A total of approximately 15 hectares is cultivated. The 2001 vintage was the mark for Thorsten Krieger to take over the winery from his father Ludwig Krieger. As skilled winemaker, examined business manager of viticulture and certified sommelier he is responsible for winemaking and directs the family business in an enthusiastic and adventuresome manner. The current Eichelmann praises Krieger’s product range as “compelling” and “providing lots of joy” - keep it up!