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Celestial delight

In 2006 a young team led by the well-known winemaker and general manager of the estate, Fritz Miesbauer, took over the management of 26 hectares of vineyards. Still Göttweig generates sacramental wine, close to nature and in accordance with ecclesiastic purity requirements. With approximately 11.5% vol. alcohol it is light, easily digestible and provides a lot of enjoyment to the consumer.

Weingut Stift Goettweig
Weingut Stift Goettweig
Weingut Stift Goettweig

Perched on the hillside, at an altitude of 449 metres above see level is Stift Göttweig, a Benedictine abbey on the South bank of the Danube, opposite the town of Krems. Founded back in 1083, the life in the monastery followed the policy "ora et labora et lege" (pray, work and study). From early on, wine was the economic basis for the monks’ existence. In return, they coined the development of viticulture in the region decisively. After the abbey was destroyed by a blaze in 1718, the monastery wing had been rebuilt in the Baroque style and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The best vineyard for Grüner Veltliner at the Göttweiger Berg is the Gottschelle with its gravelled and weathered sediments and mighty loess formations. As member of the Austrian tradition wineries, Göttweig may display wines from the Gottschelle due to their outstanding characteristics as “1. Lage” – or premier cru.