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Unique World Heritage

The winemaking history of the Leitz family from Rüdesheim dates back to 1744. The current owner Johannes Leitz was born in 1964. He took over the management of 3 hectares of vineyards in 1985. Since then he has led this entity to a successful national and also international wine estate at the considerable size of nearly 40 hectares. The steady growth over recent years didn’t have any negative impact on the operation. His wines still bear an individual handwriting and reflect the terroir of the Rüdesheim mountain slope.

Weingut Josef Leitz
Weingut Josef Leitz

In addition his terroir accented wines, Johannes Leitz also managed to develop wines to international successful brands like the “1-2-Dry”, which is renowned for its design. In his team, Leitz produces puristic, straight, mineral, fine and classy wines that show at a moderate alcohol level pep, vibrancy and nerve. In 2011 the Gault Millau elected Johannes Leitz "Winemaker of the Year".

Despite the international success Johannes Leitz still keeps close ties to his home region. As a labour of love for the unique vineyards and in veneration for the great Rüdesheimer Berg, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Rhine Valley, Johannes Leitz feels obliged to preserve this centuries-old cultural landscape.

In cooperation with the nature conservation authorities, he begun re-cultivating a few years ago sunken and savaged terraces in Rüdesheim’s prime locations.

His exceptional wines from the steep slopes at the Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg, Rottland, Kaisersteinfels and Roseneck account to the German top wines. In response to the inflationary use of the term "Old Vines", which he once coined for these wines, Johannes Leitz started in 2010 to create a number of absolute premium products still above this segment, namely the designations: Kaisersteinfels "Terrassen" Schlossberg "Ehrenfels" and Rottland". The introduction to the magic of the Rüdesheim mountain scenery of Johannes Leitz forms a blend of selected steep slopes with name Magic Mountain, providing an enormously true value and wine for one’s money.