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The Capital Vodka

Stolichnaya – known widely by its fans simply as Stoli – literally means "Vodka from the Capital City." The Krelim began ordering it from the state-owned wine warehouse in Moscow a century ago.


Then as now, only the finest Russian winter wheat and rye are used in its production, fermented over 75 hours and then thrice distilled. The hallmark gentle character and crystalline transparency of Stolichnaya are attributed to traditional quartz sand filtering and Russian birch wood charcoal. Whether enjoyed neat at room temperature or over ice, Stolichnaya is always an enviable indulgence.

There's a pioneer spirit in this company's DNA. In 1962 it became the first vodka brand worldwide to release a flavored version, essentially founding that category. For each Stolichnaya Flavor, alpha alcohol is combined with a bit of beet sugar and natural aromas. Each Flavor is as perfectly fresh and lively on the day it is opened as the day it was bottled. A wide spectrum of 'Flavors' is available, building a huge dedicated fan base while also allowing for an endless range of new and creative cocktail creations.