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Enhancing Perfecting

For Stolichnaya Elit, centuries of tradition in vodka distillation combine with absolute cutting-edge production technology.

Stolichnaya Elit
Stolichnaya Elit

During the distillation process, the purest part of the middle run, known as the 'alpha alcohol', is extracted for further processing In Russia, this portion of distillate has received its own quality classification; the unsurpassed clarity of Stolichnaya Elit not only meets, but beats the standard for purity several times over. Filtration also distinguishes Stolichnaya Elit from all other vodkas as well. During the freeze out process, the distillate is chilled to -18°C and then guided extremely slowly through carbon filters to strip away even the smallest impurities. This time-intensive process is one key to ultra-luxury vodka of unsurpassed purity, softness and unparalleled international reputation.