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Sibona Antica Distilleria - The eternal No 1

Sibona Antica Distilleria - the eternal No 1 Sibona is one of the historical distilleries in the Piedmont and is the holder of the old distilling license No 1 of the Uffici tecnici di finanza (U.T.F.), the tax authorities, which control all distilling activities. This is a strong hallmark for the company’s great past and prestigious tradition.


Since its inception, the Sibona distillery has always pitched itself as artisanal manufacture, distilling authentic grappe in a continuous distillation process from freshly delivered pomace. The Antica Distilleria Domenico Sibona SpA is still family-owned and has its seat in Roero area in the municipality of Piobesi d'Alba, in a few kilometres’ distance from Alba. It was founded about a century ago on the site of a former brickyard and is in the midst of that very region in which the best Piedmontese wines are cultivated: the Nebbiolo grape (depending on the appellation either leading into Barolo, Barbaresco or Roero wines), as well as the grape varieties Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, Chardonnay, Arneis and Brachetto. Primarily these fine liquors were distilled with the help of a disused steam locomotive, which was then replaced by copper alembics. Sibona keeps on processing only fresh pomace for distillation, i.e. directly after delivery, allowing it to incorporate more fragrances and aromas from the fruit into the Grappe. In addition to the careful selection of the best pomace in situ, the preconditions for the noble and varietal character of the products are furthermore the professional distillation process, the constant modernization of the equipment, the experience of two oenologists and the strict selection during the distilling process. Last but not least a long aging period in small wooden barrels (barriques) facilitates a smoother and more complaisant product and enriches its depth of flavours and aromas.

The unique herb liquor Amaro has outstanding characteristics and dates back to an old, long-existing Piedmontese recipe that is based on the use of 34 different herbs and spices. By means of slow infusion of obtained plant extracts it gets its mild and aromatic flavour. You may enjoy it neat, on ice or with soda as a long drink.

The Grappe of the Linea Graduata are distillates, each produced from a single grape variety which introduce themselves straight and specifically with their respective range of flavours. Some Grappe such as Grappa di Moscato and Grappa di Barolo even benefit from a maturity period in wooden barrels.

The ripening in wooden barrels is also crucial for the Grappe Riserva. Selected distillates, after a first aging period in oak barrels will undergo another maturation period in special wooden casks. The nature of the respective timber in this second maturity period is formative for the character of the finished Grappe. Let is be former Port or Sherry casks, Madeira or Whiskey barrels: Each barrel will contribute specific flavours to the distillate and thereby refine the result.

The vintage grappe Barolo invecchiata 2001 and Moscato invecchiata 2003 are a class of their own and showcase the peak of distilling art in the Sibona house. Only the very best lots of selected vintages are bottled after years of aging in oak barrels. These are finest Grappa delicacies for true Grappa enthusiasts.