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Pfeffi Berlin

Pfeffi Berlin is All about the Mint

Pfeffi Berlin, 100% produced from natural ingredients, takes the tongue on an absolute roller coaster ride of sensations as it coats the mouth in velvety, aromatic delight. Herbs like chamomile, fennel and anise join peppermint and Yakima mint, a sibling to spearmint. They form the foundation for the balance flavor of our beloved Pfeffi Berlin, which shimmers wonderfully in a yellowish green.

Pfeffi Berlin





Pfeffi Berlin
Pfeffi Berlin
Pfeffi Berlin

Natural peppermint liqueur: so why didn't someone thing of that before? A visionary idea for an innovative premium product in an attractively designed bottle was born in Berlin in 2018. In one detail-obsessed step after another, Pfeffi Berlin is hand-filled, corked and sealed. On goes the label, and then into its box to spread joy to the world.