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Peter Lehmann

Already a legend in his lifetime

The 2013 deceased Peter Lehmann was already during his lifetime an icon of the Australian Barossa Valley. This outstanding reputation does not only derive from the fact that his winery got elected for best producer of Australia in the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 2003, 2006 and 2008.

Peter Lehmann

„International Winemaker of the Year 2003 und 2006“ und „Best Australian Producer of the Year 2003, 2006 und 2008“

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Peter Lehmann
Peter Lehmann
Peter Lehmann
Peter Lehmann

Peter Lehmann once said that when God created Shiraz, he did so with the Barossa in mind! And indeed it is hard to imagine another place where the vines can find better conditions for maturing their opulent fruity taste and its concentrated aromatic plenteousness. Hence this gift of nature always attracted his special attention.

The Barossa Valley is a picturesque valley with gently rolling hills, an hour's drive north of Adelaide. Mostly Prussian and Silesian immigrants were the first settlers back in 1842. In search for religious freedom they brought the first vines to Australia. Until today, their legacy is clearly visible both in Lutheran church spiers and German names such as that of Peter Lehmann.

Peter Lehmann was presumed to be one of the pioneers of the Barossa Valley. Putting his heart and soul into his winery he deservedly reaped the fruit for his labour when the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) voted him among the best producers in Australia for the third year in a row in 2008. Less than 30 years before, in 1979, the descendant of a Prussian immigrant had chosen for the probably worst possible time for the foundation of his winery in the Barossa Valley Winery. Back then, the winemakers of this scenic valley suffered from massive price erosion owed to years of overproduction. But Peter Lehmann was convinced of the quality of the grapes in his homeland and wanted to prove to the rest of the world the true excellence of Australian wine. Therefore he paid a multiple of the market price to those winegrowers who were willing to follow his standards of quality and transformed their grapes into remarkable wines.

World-leading within 25 years
Peter Lehmann's vision soon materialized. His wines first attracted the attention of international wine critics, then the wine trade and finally the wine buyers followed. The Peter Lehmann Winery grew rapidly, but never abandoned its high quality standards. The winemaker of German origin celebrates a particular success in the United Kingdom, where Peter Lehmann’s products rank among the most popular wines from the New World for nearly a decade.

Also in our market, Peter Lehmann wines inspire wine lovers and connoisseurs alike. This is not least owed to Andrew Wigan, who is responsibly supervising the premium quality as one of the most respected winemakers in the region. Having worked for more than three decades on the side of Peter Lehmann, he is very familiar with the high demands to the wines. In return he was also elected awards "Winemaker of the Year" in 2003, 2006 and 2009.