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Premium aquavit – a class of its own

Linie Aquavit matures for twelve months in old sherry casks in Norway and then its ripening process continues for more than four months aboard of a cargo vessel, thereby crossing twice the equator (meaning “Linie” in Norwegian).

Linie Aquavit
Linie Aquavit
Linie Aquavit

The aging method, during which the Linie Aquavit on a several months’ voyage twice crosses the equator, is now legendary. It goes back to 1805. The Norwegian schooner "Trondhiems Prøve" then sailed with a cargo of aquavit barrels to the West Indies.

Some barrels not been sold and hence came back to Norway after a second equator crossing. When tasting them, the Norwegians discovered a minor sensation: This Aquavit tasted much milder, finer and spicier than before the trip. The change in flavour was attributed to the long sea voyage, when the casks sat stored on the deck of the schooner. The fluctuations of temperature and humidity, the salty marine air, the constant waves of the oceans and the long aging in wooden barrels obviously had had a very positive impact on the quality of the Aquavit. So the founders of Linie decided to send henceforth their aquavit in old sherry casks across the oceans for the completion of 16-month maturity process. Even today, every drop crosses the "Linie", as the Norwegians call the equator, twice to achieve its unique taste.