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Les Cépages

Finest varietal wines from the House of Rothschild

Mouton-Rothschild is undoubtedly the most famous name in the world of wine. Their legendary Bordeaux wines are traditionally blends of several grape varieties.

Les Cepages
Les Cepages

In 1995, La Baronne Philippine de Rothschild decided to cultivate also typical wines from each vine. For her project, she found ideal conditions in the heavenly vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon. The results are modern, uncomplicated, characterful reds and whites. The Baroness called them quite simply "Les Cépages" (French for varieties). With the introduction of the series the Baroness wanted to provide in particular young people and beginners an uncomplicated access to the world of Rothschild wines. According to herself, she enjoyed her wine with great relish.

In the different terroirs around the city of Limoux, the vines of the "Les Cépages" series find the best conditions to develop their varietal aromas perfectly. The interaction of lime, sand and clay soils, high temperatures at day time and a cooling sea breeze over night gives the wines a powerful body, and also rich, intense fruit, elegance and finesse. The grapes of all the wines are selected with utmost care from the best allotments, then stemmed and gently squeezed. Under the use of sophisticated cellar technology, highly original wines are created. Due to their excellent price/benefit ratio they create a very peculiar joy.