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True Sekt culture since 1838

The Geldermann Privatsektkellerei looks back proudly on 180 years of craftsmanship. It was founded in 1838 by Peter Geldermann and William Deutz, a pair of Germans fascinated with the French landscape and joie de vivre, as their first winery for sparkling wine. Over time, their descendants brought that artisanal skill and unique Sekt culture back to Germany. Since 1925, Deutz & Geldermann has been permanently located in the Baden town of Breisach. After the company split in 1995, the Geldermann Sekt winery remained in Breisach, as the cellar under the Schlossberg provided optimal conditions for aging sparkling wines. Today the Geldermann Privatsektkellerei continues to honor its French roots, and especially the méthode traditionnelle for sparkling wine production. Those philosophies remain the cornerstones of production of unique, strongly characteristic Sekt compositions.

Marc Gauchey has served as Chef de Cave since 1991, demonstrating a remarkable feel for creating unique and invigorating taste compositions. His raw Sekts harness the finest yeasts as they age deep in the kilometer-long cellars of Sektkellerei Geldermann below Breisach's Münsterberg, enjoying optimal 13° C storage conditions. There is no better way to encourage the wine to draw fine aromatic extracts from the yeast and convert them into myriad flavor nuances. At the same time, the carbon dioxide binds with the wine, giving rise to its lively and elegant bead. The historic winery building, dating back over 600 years, offers shelter from seasonal influences. A constant natural climate reigns here, optimal for the production of Geldermann's fine Sekt using the classic in-bottle method.

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