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A "Grand Cru" from Limoux

The Domaine de Baron’Arques winegrowing estate recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Purchased in 1998 by Baroness Philippine de Rothschild and her two sons, the estate remains in the possession of the world-famous Château Mouton-Rothschild.

Domaine Baronarques
Domaine Baronarques
Domaine Baronarques

The property itself is much older, however, with a remarkable history of reinventing itself repeatedly in recent decades. Located in Saint Polycarpe, near Limoux in the Department Aude, it has existed since the 8th century. The estate's terroir is unique. Alongside the warm, dry climate of the Terroir d'Autan, the vineyards are also influenced by a Mediterranean climate that brings moist air from the Atlantic into the interior of the country. The domaine sits at 250 - 350 m of elevation, with soils formed primarily from calcareous clay, sand and pebble. The Grand Vin Rouge from this estate has long been established as a benchmark and is counted among the elite of premium Languedoc wines.