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A piece of heaven

In 1991, Emil and Sonette den Dulk found at the Hill Polkadraai "a piece of heaven", as the proud owner of the estate never forgets to emphasise. Here they established De Toren, Afrikaans for The Tower. Emil den Dulk is a perfectionist. Every detail at De Toren was meticulously planned from scratch on and exclusively designed for the production of premium red wines: starting from the planting and orientation of the classic five Bordeaux varietals based on the results of detailed soil and microclimatic analysis down to the design of the cellar.

De Toren
De Toren
De Toren

In 1999, De Toren launched its Fusion V. Already the first vintage had left a strong impact in South Africa. As a result, Emil contracted with the young but already experienced winemaker Albie Koch, who had achieved his skills in France and California. Together, the two since then continually elaborated on refining other legendary Bordeaux blends, such as the De Toren Z. However, the gigantic potential of their vineyards seems to be far from exhausted. To make their dream of creating the best ever South African red wine come true, both underwent a long journey back to the origin of natural winemaking. As mentor, they had chosen none other than the Roman philosopher and naturalist Pliny the Elder (23 - 79 AD), the first man who ever formulated the idea of terroir in Chapter XVII of his great work "Naturalis Historia". Based on his knowledge about the relationships between vineyard, grape variety, climate and craftsmanship they followed in purely manual production steps their master plan to launch a wine, which should exceed all expectations: Book XVII - a tribute to Pliny the Elder and now already one of the most legendary wines that ever has been generated on the African Cape. The 2010 vintage accounts only to 600 hand-filled bottles! We managed to secure a small quantity of this unique specialty exclusively for you.