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The Icon of Orange Liqueurs

Back in 1849, brothers Edouard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau founded a small distillery in the French town of Angers.






Their "Triple Sec" in particular achieved remarkable fame: it opened up a completely new form of orange liqueur with a tripled concentration of essential oils and a much drier style than the previous favorite, Curaçao. They officially registered their highly successful product under the brand name Cointreau in 1885. With more than 300 international prizes since then, Cointreau is today one of the most acclaimed liqueur brands anywhere in the world. For more than 30 years, its manufacture has been in the hands of Master Blender Bernadette Langlais. She keeps the exact recipe strictly confidential, ensuring that the perfect intensity, extraordinary refinement and complex aromas are reserved for her bottles alone. Cointreau Blood Orange is Bernadette Langlais' new twist on her classic product, adding an entirely new dimension of powerfully fruity orange.