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Carpano - The diversity of vermouth

Created in the 1930s as a sweet and refreshing Italian white vermouth. The mineral aromas in Carpano Bianco are underscored by a distinct spice and hints of citrus. It is the product in the Carpano program with the richest and most distinctive bouquet. Bitter orange, mace and cinnamon lend the drink its distinctive spicy note.


Carpano Vermouth is based on the vermouth recipe from 1786, developed by Antonio Benedetto Carpano from Turin. Soon thereafter, Carpano's nephew founded the company, marking vermouth's rise into one of the world’s most popular drinks. Its intensive aromas have become an essential ace in the hole for professional barkeeps looking to mix the perfect cocktail or aperitif. Each of Carpano's varieties — Bianco, Classico and Dry — is subtly different, yet all achieve a beautiful balance of aromas and sweetness. In this way Carpano ensures that it has something for every taste in its program.