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In 1816 a young French aristocrat entered the Spanish town Cadiz as a representative of a London trading house. His name was Pierre de Domecq, he had a charming personality and gained great reputation in no time. His entrepreneurial success encouraged him to start his own trading company under the name of Pedro Domecq.

Carlos I
Carlos I

His descendants led the business with great skill and made a seminal discovery in 1886. In the basement of their Bodega they came across some forgotten sherry casks, which came from a surprisingly cancelled order and had been filled in former years with a grape distillate. But in the meantime the forgotten distillate had developed in peace of mind to a wonderfully soft Brandy.

The surprising discovery is considered to be the birth of Brandy de Jerez and the Domecq family as its inventor. Only two years later, the Bodega established a Solera – that’s what Jerez people call the gantry, where Brandy de Jerez traditionally undergoes maturation – the very same solera from where until today Carlos I (read: Carlos Primero) originates.

Carlos I is a very fine Brandy that is matured for more than 10 years in accordance with the traditional Solera method in old sherry casks made of oak. It is Spain’s No. 1 among the most premium brandies.

This Brandy stands out for its full bouquet, its silky-soft character and nuanced flavours of vanilla, roasted almonds and a whiff of nutmeg.