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Caffè Borghetti

The Blissful Essence of Espresso

Coffee liqueur with 100% original Italian espresso — perfect as a digestif or to refine cocktails.

Caffe Borghetti




Caffe Borghetti
Caffe Borghetti

In honor of the opening the Pescara-Ancona railroad in 1860, Ugo Borghetti created a truly special liqueur from the finest Italian espresso. The aromatic specialty found such a tremendous resonance that the resourceful businessman gave up his coffee trade in favor of a distillery. It was a shrewd shift, as Caffè Borghetti proved a global smash. Even today, Ugo's original recipe based on the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee is still used. Its mild and aromatic taste is feted by aficionados and has made it the absolute market leader in Italian — and an international sales driver in the segment of sweet liqueurs.