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Barons et Baronnes

Top quality cuvées within the circle of the family

Based on hard work Meyer Amschel Rothschild once founded in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt the financial rise of the Rothschild dynasty.

Barons et Baronnes
Barons et Baronnes

His descendants followed suit and established a pan-European empire. Many of the Rothschild family members achieved in various fields extraordinary accomplishments. Nathaniel de Rothschild founded the French branch of the clan. In 1853, he acquired Château Brane Mouton, calling it henceforth Château Mouton Rothschild. His beautiful wife, Charlotte de Rothschild, was a gifted artist. Her grandson, Baron Henri de Rothschild, was one of the most colorful people in the family. He bought one of the first cars in France and built the famous Pigalle Theatre in Paris. With a number of top quality cuvées under the sonorous name "Baron et Baronnes" most important ancestors of the family got a monument erected. Each wine stands as representative for a well-known appellation of Bordeaux/the Bordelais.