Enrico Serafino

Submontane character wines

Enrico Serafino founded in 1878 in the historic town of Canale d'Alba his own small winery. Now, as then, the winery advocates a high quality level of typical regional wines. It is one of the leading companies in the region and has been honoured with numerous awards. The vinification at Enrico Serafino occurs under the auspices of the renowned oenologist Giuseppe Caviola ("Winemaker of the Year", Gambero Rosso).

Enrico Serafino

From the beginning, Enrico Serafino campaigned especially for a high quality level of regional hallmarks such as Roero Arneis and Barbera and hence became one of the great pioneers of the Piedmontese viticulture. The unconditional quality philosophy of the company founder remains unchanged to this very day. He is still focussing on the classic wines of Piedmont.

In 2005, Enrico Serafino paired the work of an experienced oenologist with an ambitious concept wine: Giuseppe Caviola is tutoring Cantina Maestra.

Currently The Cantina Maestra is one of the most exciting projects in the winery Piedmontese wine scene. The "Vineyard in the winery" is named after Maestra, a central street through the village of Canale d'Alba. The success of this prestigious project is based on three pillars: First, the best men in terms of oenology and viticulture to be found in Piedmont were hired, namely Giuseppe "Beppe" Caviola, Paolo Giacosa and Lorenzo Barbero. Second, a number of very good winegrowers in the region complying with strict quality standards were contracted. Thirdly, it was determined that the wines must reflect the character of their terroir to 100% in order to obtain a clear distinction from other wines of Piedmont. The style excels at highest drinking pleasure and jauntiness, stimulating amenability and multilayered complexity.